The Battle Begins


Easy come, easy go. We hate to admit it but we’re all in this kind of trap that we let ourselves get eaten by it.

Once upon a time there was a successful man in his business and he was praised by many. But little did he know that what matters most isn’t how much you’re getting but how many have you influenced. It isn’t who you know but who would and will stay to know you. He had a shield, he had so many. But will it last if he keeps doing what he has always done?

One’s reputation is at stake. He bumped into her and she did wave her hand to let it all rest. But he kept pushing and she was over pushed. Now, the battle begins between an “educated but not learned”and a lion in the forest who know what’s right and just.


Retrospectively Funny

So today’s prompt makes me remember that moment again.


This person is hysterically mad at someone very dear to me, yet that person cannot say it directly to dear person. So he tells me instead. One sentence hit me and in no time I was crying and laughing at the same time while my body is numb and all I can ingest in my little brain was his words like a knife striking my stomach again and again.

Recalling that time was so funny I could die from laughing out loud!